Get a Notification When an Etsy Listing Has Low Inventory


So I started an Etsy shop selling 3D prints of my designs almost a year ago,  and there have been times when an item runs out of stock on Etsy. When that happens, the item becomes unlisted until I update the inventory. As far as I can tell, and after asking around, there doesn’t seem to be a way to have Etsy notify me when that happens and it’s a hassle to go in and update the inventory with every batch I print. I also thought about setting the inventory to a really high number, but then I don’t want to end up in a situation where I get a ton of orders all at once and can’t keep up.

Update Aug5, 2022: This has been running since I wrote this post, and I can say it’s been solid. Highly recommend this for people that have trouble keeping up with your inventory.

Luckily, I was able to accomplish this with Integromat. Integromat is a service like IFTTT, but it has an integration with Etsy’s seller side. It can basically pull nearly any information from your shop, and take actions based on that information. I suspect there’s a lot more that I can do with this, but for now, I just set it up to send me a message on Telegram when my inventory for any item gets below 5. 

Creating the Scenario

After you sign up for Integromat, you create scenarios, which are the same thing as recipes in IFTTT for those of you that have used IFTTT.

  1. After you create the scenario, click the large + sign to add a module. Search for Etsy and click on it. This will give you a list of all the things you can get from Etsy. I start with the ‘Watch Shop Receipts’ and set the limit to 1. This way the scenario only runs when an item is ordered. I figured this way is best because Integromat’s free account has limits on how much data you can transfer, and this will keep that to a minimum. It wouldn’t really be a problem for my shop at this point, but larger shops would eat that up quickly.
  2. Click Add to add a connection to your Etsy shop if you haven’t done so already. Select your Shop ID, and select “New Shop Receipts”. Click OK.
  3. Hover over the small circle on that module and click the + button. That will link a new module to it. This module will also be Etsy, but this time we will use ‘Find Shop Listings’. Select your shop ID, set the Status to Active, and if needed, change the “Limit” to a number greater than what you have in your shop. 
  4. Hover over the new module, and click the + icon. This will be the notification that will be sent. There are TONS of ways to have it notify you, but the easiest one is probably email. I personally use Telegram. I’ll just use email as an example here since that would probably work for most people. Just search for Email, and then click “Send me an Email”. You can put whatever you want in the subject and body. You can also use variables that were retrieved from the previous modules. Those variables will show up when you click in the text fields. The screenshot below shows what I setup. Keep in mind that this will send an email for every listing that has inventory below the threshold we will set in the next step. Click OK.
  5. After that, we need to setup the filter so that it only sends those emails when the inventory is below a certain number. Click the wrench below the link connecting the email module from the last step and click “Setup a Filter”. The label can be whatever you want. Click on the Condition field and then click “Quantity”. Change the operator from “Equal to” to “Less than”. In the last field, set it to the threshold you want to use.

As I was testing this, one time the first module started pulling in old receipts, which caused the next 2 modules to run and sent me multiple notifications. I deleted and recreated it and that resolved the issue. Integromat is pretty powerful in what it can do if you are creative with it. You can even pull in data exactly the way you want it into Google Sheets. And I think you can even do things like have it change your listing based on a number of things.


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